Sunday, 20 October 2019

Aroha 6: Celebrating Diwali and Niue language week!

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Namaste , Fakaalofa lahi atu 
Rowandale family and friends. 
Here is a sneak peek of celebrating Diwali and Niue language week.  Beginning with our opening ceremony, the raising of the flags of India and Niue along with listening and learning interesting facts about these countries shared by some of our  brilliant students.    

Wow! To end our celebrations we had the closing ceremony which we all captured amazing performances from the Niuean and Indian groups followed by having a delicious shared lunch with our families in each classroom...

Thank you to our Rowandale staff, family and community who worked endlessly to  make this week so special...

Thank you  Aroha 6 for participating in this weeks celebrations and showing your PRIDE values...

Aroha 6: Welcome back Aroha 6 we missed you all!

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Welcome back Aroha 6,  hope everyone had an exciting safe holiday break spent with your fanau and friends.   It is now week one, term four and we are back into having fun learning together,  helping our people grow...

In support of our health and physical education plan,  every Friday's we are provided the opportunity to  participate in dance lessons lead by a fantastic staff member from the Footsteps dance company.  There are 5 dance elements implemented throughout this programme. 
This week we learnt the dance move called " Hot! Hot!" which links to the element called "Time !"

 Aroha 6 sure had fun dancing to the beat and staying in time ...

For more info click on the below:

Being Turtle safe with Stan

It is earthquake drill time ...

As part of our school's earthquake drill. 
We learnt to get into a turtle shell position to  DropCoverHold.  Reason being it stops you  from being knocked over, makes you a smaller target for falling and flying objects, and protects your head, neck and vital organs. DROP down on your hands and knees. ... HOLD on to your shelter (or your position to protect your head and neck) until the shaking stops. 

Well done Aroha 6 you all remained calm and followed simple instructions.
 " Keep it up!"

Click on the link to be Turtle safe:

Sunday, 11 August 2019

Aroha 6: Celebrating Cook Island language week and National Green Principal day!!

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Kia Orana Aroha 6 whanau and friends this term being week 3, we have had so much fun celebrating Cook Island language week. Such as exploring the Arts through learning to make our very own Cook Island 'Ei katu,  by using assorted flowers,  coloured paper,  glue and glitter, along with dancing to the beat of Cook Island songs,  creating and recognising the colours and symbols of the Cook Island flag.  We also had fun learning how to pronounce Rowandale PRIDE values in Cook Island language...

To top it off we were treated with an amazing closing ceremony for Cook Island language week. Wow!!! Thank you to the Cook Island group for putting on a fantastic performance. You sure got everyone up on their feet moving to the beat. Wahoo!!! Well done to our Aroha 6 dancers Lucy-May and Zjayden who also made us proud watching you perform in confidence in front of the whole school. 
Chee Hoo!!!

On another special note we as in ROWANDALE   stood loud and proud wearing green in support of Green Day! National day for principals from all over Aotearoa.  Especially to our amazing inspiring leader our Principal Mr Vasau who's heart is also for our school and local community... We also would like to acknowledge Mrs Mulipola  for doing a fantastic job being our acting Principal / Deputy Principal leading the teaching and learning in our school. 
We support you all because we care and you deserve the best !!!  

Thank you to all our Aroha 6 whanau for the delicious shared kai made with so much love.

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Aroha 6: Wahoo! It is Whetū and Nick time!

This week the whole school were privileged to go on an excursion by travelling by bus to watch a fun educational,  dual language performance showcase written in both Te Reo and English called Whetū & Nick!!!

Whetū & Nick is about a young Māori girl and a British orphan cabin boy who set out in search of Jame's Cook’s map, a flying kite and the sacred maunga (mountain) 
Along the way they discover their cultural differences and similarities, their people’s voyages and their shared love of Aotearoa.  Their young lives will take a significant turn as they go through the forest and find themselves on the top of the sacred maunga.

What a great learning experience it was for Aroha 6.  We sure had fun on the bus, sharing our ideas all the way back to school.

Here are some of our learner's voices about the Whetū and Nick performance show...

Giana : I liked how Whetū  was singing and how she spoke Te Reo Māori and how she made the boy go sleep

Ivana: I liked going on the bus and how Whetu went through the storm and it was dark

Kiran: I liked Nick because he looks cool

Pratik: I liked Nick when he had a bleeding foot he was so funny screaming

Seira: I liked the wind lady because she was funny